Our gourmet restaurant will captivate your
senses with an intriguing & unique fusion style. Our recipes are inspired by Caribbean and French nouvelle cuisine.

Most importantly, every dish is cooked
with lots of love.

Our fish and seafood are the 
catch of the day. Most ingredients are locally sourced and condimented with spices from all around the world.

Our menu is always customized based on the
availability of seasonal produce,
like carambola and marañon Curaçao.

We also offer a variety of vegan alternatives for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
to suit all tastes.

Our complimentary a-la-carte breakfast always comes with coffee, tea, 
and an assortment of seasonal 
tropical fruits…

…like papaya, passionfruit, and 
tamarillo, among others.

For lunch you can order one of our flatbreads or wraps, each filled
with a different mix
of flavors.

We offer 3 course meal dinners including appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

Our drinks menu features many classic cocktails, and some house cocktail creations that will leave you wanting more.

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