Workshops Details

  • Your intuition and creativity will be triggered by the intense sense of an impregnating island environment that made famous painter having their hands creating paintings by listening to the song of beauty and peacefulness. You are invited to go thru this process with us.
  • Intuitive experiences, demonstrations of painting, mixed media live, presentations on the creation process, support during the creation period, as well as a free studio that will illuminate your Art Venture in the middle of an archipelago of magical islands.
  • A unique opportunity to fully connect with your inner artist. A common feeling in painting is the awareness that everything is deep down inside with a wish to come out, here is the chance to explore and enhance your ability to let it go, because your mind may let it go in our environment, that is the goal of the retreat.
  • Presentations on creative energy as well as the different aspects of the artistic process.
  • Personalized support by Charlem, since the group is limited to 14 participants.
  • Space and support you need to deepen your visual language.
  • Live demonstrations (mixed techniques) which will allow you to observe the process of creating Charlem.
  • The right balance between the creation time and rest periods.
  • Discoveries, memories, awareness, pleasant encounters, and an inspired travel diary!

Content of the workshops

The essentials of a scene

Day at Cayos Zapatilla beach to warm up

  • AM:
    • Theory: Composition
    • Practice: Warm-up pencil drawing exercises
  • PM:
    • Theory: The masses
    • Practice: Drawing exercises with colors


Visit a Ngäbe village, seaside and rocks

  • AM:
    • Theory: Colour theory and complementary colors
    • Practice: Practice of color marine scenes: watercolor
  • PM:
    • Theory: Perspective and mixed medium
    • Practice: Village scene on stilts: mixed medium

Sea sky

  • AM:
    • Theory: Transparency and cloud
    • Practice: Sunrise sky over Urraca: pastel and pencil
  • PM:
    • Theory: Color and contrast
    • Practice: Sunset sky: watercolor and pencil

The flora

  • AM:
    • Theory: Mind the last everything
    • Practice: Mangrove exploration: watercolor, pastel, and graphite
  • PM:
    • Theory: The clear dark
    • Practice: Dark foliage exercise with color: mixed medium

The living beings

  • AM:
    • Theory: Capturing the spirit of the movement
    • Practice: Drawing animals: monkeys, birds, underwater life: mixed medium
  • PM:
    • Theory: The « Incarnato »
    • Practice: Living model: mixed medium

*Please note the content of the workshops are subject to change according to different variances (weather, availability…)