What to bring?

Be Ready for your next


Essential elements

  • Your camera with batteries, charger and SD cards
  • Universal power adapter (At Urraca we use 120 V)
  • Favorite lenses (if you have a telephoto lens bring it too)
  • Lens tissues or something else you use to clean your lens
  • A laptop to copy your pictures and test the editor software (with an SD card reader in case your laptop needs one to copy your images from the camera) 
  • Camera bag with rain cap or pelican case (or whatever you have to protect your camera on the boat rides or rainy conditions for example) 
  • Tripod – Recommended, but not essential
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat or baseball cap
  • Comfortable shoes for walking or hiking
  • Swimwear and water shoes
  • Casual clothing
  • Biodegradable and sent free personal care products
  • Lavender and Citronella essential oils (natural insect repellant)
  • US $ currency for any optional activities and/or personal spending

You are now ready to experience an amazing PHOTO RETREAT full of Inspiring Adventures!!!