Photo Retreat on a Private Island in Bocas Del Toro

NATURE Photography workshop with NATURAL LIGHT

14-21 August, 2021

Discover Panama through a photography experience connecting you to nature and all its elements!

Join Lorena Montenegro & Alex Thompson and our team at the heart of the magical and regenerative energy of Panama for an extraordinary retreat of photography and adventure. An eye-opening experience into secluded islands, immersed in nature, to improve your skills exploring unexpected riches through your lenses. 

Your Photo retreat includes 7 nights of accommodation in an Eco Resort style resort, on a unique and breathtaking private island in the region of Bocas del Toro along with a 5 day photography workshops. You will have the choice of a bungalow in double, triple, or quadruple occupancy.

Workshop August 15-20, 2021

Urraca Private Island is a beautifully preserved and very authentic island still in its purest state, far from mass tourism, near the very loving indigenous Ngäbe people. It offers a 360 degree view of the Caribbean Sea, plenty of wildlife to observe, shallow waters for snorkeling, and cooling off. This heavenly island will charm you with its beauty and zen. Located only one hour by plane from Panama City, this region is ideal for adventure seekers and/or those simply looking to recharge and relax within some of the beauties offered by our Mother Earth in Panama.

This experience will allow you to discover unexpected riches!!!

The Caribbean Studio

Trip details

Photography workshop Retreat


How does exploring beautiful paradise islands, accompanied by two exceptional photographers sound? Lorena Montenegro & Alex Thompson will guide you in your approach of Nature Photography, capturing unforgettable moments using only natural light. Technical aid, modern tools, and breathtaking scenarios are on the top of the list during this workshop.

With dynamic classes and boat trips included, in addition to plenty of free time to practice at this special piece of paradise, we offer a unique experience to kick off your photography adventures in a beautiful Caribbean island full of colors and biodiversity. 

Capturing scenes of the seascape, skies that bring you back to the essentials and bite into the life of a generous flora where animals still have their place.

Meeting the tropical Sun and all its light, meeting the sea of azure, and the oasis of purity will surely amaze all your senses. To experience this unique retreat, the photographers Lorena Montenegro & Alex Thompson will guide you.

In your spare time, you can continue to take beautiful photos for your travel portfolio, soaking up the local culture, with exclusive excursions, or simply let yourself be lulled by the waves of the sea.

About Lorena Montenegro !

Brazilian journalist, photographer, and filmmaker, Lorena Montenegro won an international prize in a film festival in Berlin with her first documentary, all shot with natural light in 2013. Director of Moana Filmes, she travels the world filming documentaries for TV and producing content for companies, hotels, athletes, and surfing retreats. Focused on creating images that inspire a love for nature with the desire to protect it, she is passionate about the world’s natural studio – where creativity feels endless.

“Your angle of life, your eye, is unique, no matter what type of camera you choose. Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Lorena Montenegro



About Alex Thompson !

North American photographer and videomaker Alex Thompson loves to create images, it doesn’t matter if he is using his mirrorless camera, a drone, or even his iPhone. In the first few years of his career, Alex has already got his spotlight in some of the best sports magazines using natural light in his everyday shooting routine. He travels the world shooting in-water surf photos and video, marine, and wildlife, as well as creates content, promos, and commercials for different businesses and companies. Passionate about water photography and the magic of post-production, he is responsible for the two last lessons of our Photo Retreat.

“Let your camera express the things that words cannot describe.”

Alex Thompson



Workshops Details


A GOOD day of shooting starts with preparation. In this first class, we are going, to begin with our TO DO list before every session. Then we can dive into the basic steps of NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY and talk about our favorite composition rules, the frames per second advantage to capture wildlife action, and ethical photography to ensure the welfare of your subject. This class includes a BOAT TRIP to another beautiful Caribbean island.    

NATURAL LIGHT – Days 2 & 3

LIGHT is everything in photography. And in NATURE, respecting it’s time and learning how to make the best out of natural light makes all the difference. You don’t have to carry a lot of light equipment to get a good result if you know how to create an amazing image using just what nature provides us. That’s why this is the main subject of our Photo Retreat. In these 2 classes, we are going to show you how to approach natural light in a variety of ways and teach a few of our favorite effects that can help you to take your nature shots to the next level.


NOTHING like the Caribbean Sea to get started with water photography. In this salty class, we are going to give you important tips for creating amazing lighting in UNDERWATER photos. To get the water photographers beginners fired up, we will introduce some of our favorite affordable water housings and offer a mobile phone one to be used during the class. To practice, we are going on a boat trip to the beautiful Zapatilla Island so you can get your first shots in the most clear & blue waters in the archipelago.


Discover why shooting in raw is the best way to get a true “out of the camera” image. In this last class, we are going to show you how to make your photos from the PHOTO RETREAT even better with our favorite software. You will learn about color correction and some useful tips like how to take unwanted subjects out of your images, for example.

This stay is designed as a HOLIDAY! So a minimum of responsibilities for a maximum of pleasure!

What is included & What is Not Included

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Booking and Payment Conditions

Starting at $ 1,995 USD

Please note that we have deferred payment plans.

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Environmentally friendly – Sustainability

This is a retreat with a positive impact on our environmental footprint

Carbon compensation: The site was chosen for its excellent ecological reference. 100% of its energy is produced from solar panels, the water supply is recovered from the rain and the waste is composted.

Environmental protection: At Urraca Private Island the structures have been designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape while maximizing natural ventilation and constructed only with local wood. Great care has been taken to maintain the lush vegetation of the island. The red mangroves make this island a garden of underwater life and the owner protects them responsibly.

Local partners: The staff is made up of indigenous women and men from the local village. Seafood and seasonal fruits are purchased directly from Ngäbe fishermen and farmers. All new structures and improvements are carried out by village workers. They have created a variety of tours and activities that involve the locals significantly, by giving them not only economic autonomy but also an overview of the many benefits and opportunities that ecotourism can bring to the region and their community.

Recycling: Panamanian recycling programs are not advanced enough to support the use of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. To minimize waste and protect the environment, we ask our customers not to bring cane or plastic drinks.

Biodegradable products: To protect our reef and the wide variety of underwater life that surrounds us, we make our customers aware of bringing biodegradable care products in their luggage.

Tours, Activities & More

We offer a variety of exclusive local and relaxing activities and we will be at your disposal to plan and organize them to make your stay unforgettable.

*Additional Fee

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