Full Moon Magic Time

Magical Moment!

Come to experience a spiritual and unique night at Urraca!

Our Full Moon Package is the perfect choice for spiritual humankind how to want to reconnect with themself. The beauty and the power of Urraca are perfect for reenergized your body and soul on this magical island, simply because Mother Nature will give you full of good and pure vibrations!

Enjoy a beautiful Full Moon evening to release and let go!!!

Full Moon Package

225$ per person


  • Cleanse & Charge your Crystal with Palo Santo
  • Full Moon Gratitude & Release writing
  • Create your own Full Moon water
  • Full Moon 2 Courses Dinner
  • Full Moon Massage with exclusive moon oil
  • Meditation Intention

All services are subject to 10% Tax

Full Moon Package Details

Cleanse & Charge your Crystal with Palo Santo

All the steps to learn you how to cleanse and charge your crystal with your intentions on the night of the Full Moon and all its energies.

Bring intention to this practice by listening to the sounds of Mother Nature or relaxing music to fully connect with your intention.

Full Moon Gratitude & Release writing

It’s time to Hand write down all the things that do not serve a purpose in your life and release to the moon by reading your writing. It’s a complete release and let the good vibrations envelop your body and soul.

Then be grateful to the moon and the universe!!!

Create your own Full Moon water

The Full Moon is also the perfect moment to create your own Elixir water bottle.

This water will be charged with the power and essence of the full moon. It’s considered very magical and sacred due to its purifying qualities.

Full Moon Dinner

On this special night, Urraca will captivate your gourmet senses with our Full Moon 5 stars 3 Courses Dinner special design to make this Dinner magical.

A unique culinary experience that you will never forget!

Full Moon Massage with exclusive moon oil

Enjoy our special Full Moon massage and let your body be enveloped with our natural homemade Full Moon oil.

Just let go and relax with the sound of the ocean.

Meditation Intention

Take a moment to meditate on the Full moon night for setting intentions, manifesting your goals, and increasing positive energy.

The full moon emits a huge amount of energy which when harnessed correctly can be used to manifest positive change in your life. 


Revel the spiritual vibes
of the archipelago the Bocas del Toro!!!