Expedition in the Heart of the Jungle & Bats Caves

The Bahia Honda river is so hidden that only Natives and locals can located among the mangrove trees. The river is surrounded by vines, falling from gigantic trees; the scenery will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an ancient jungle.

The views in the river are enchanting, and if you keep scanning the highest part of tres constantly, you might get to spot sloths.

Then you will arrive at a plantation where the owners will take you through the path to the cave where 5 different species of bats have taken up residency. On your way to the bat caves you will see cacao plants, and you might spot Bocas famous’ red frogs or even wild capuchin monkeys if you’re lucky!

After approx. 30 minutes of walking inside the cave, you will arrive to a fresh water natural pool that is deep enough that you can jump into it from a big rock (if you feel like it).

The entrance fee is $10 per person

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