Celebrating Life Retreat

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

April 25 to May 2, 2022

Discover Panama through a holistic and ancestral practice

The year 2022 will be a year of transformation.  It is about changing from the inside and observing the changes that occur in the surroundings.  The world will not be the same as before.   And for this transformation, it is important that we are ready and willing to really leave behind what no longer has a purpose in our lives and thus leave room for what is coming.

The purpose of this retreat is to celebrate life, a magical 7 days encounter to relax, connect with nature and let it heal us, learning and using holistic and ancestral practices.

Rituals and Ceremony’s April 25 to May 2, 2022

Urraca Private Island is a beautifully preserved and very authentic island still in its purest state, far from mass tourism, near the very loving indigenous Ngäbe people. It offers a 360 degree view of the Caribbean Sea, plenty of wildlife to observe, shallow waters for snorkeling, and cooling off. This heavenly island will charm you with its beauty and zen. Located only one hour by plane from Panama City, this region is ideal for adventure seekers and/or those simply looking to recharge and relax within some of the beauties offered by our Mother Earth in Panama.

This experience will allow you to discover unexpected riches!!!

Retreat details


Meeting the tropical Sun and all its light, meeting the sea of azure, and the oasis of purity will surely amaze all your senses. To experience this unique retreat, Danuta, Natem, and Oris will be more than welcome to guide you with an extraordinary ancestral experience.

In your spare time, you can simply relax and let yourself be lulled by the waves of the sea.

About Danuta !

Danuta Zisary Lucero, Master Reiki and Medicine Woman of Polish roots who is gifted with the knowledge of holistic practices and ancestral Latin American medicine.
With over 30 years of experience, studies of music at the Chopin Conservatory in Wroclaw, complete studies in Physical Education, and Zen-Shiatsu at the American Institute in Tel Aviv have led her to feel and understand the vibrational movement of the human body.

“Let the magic set you free.” / “Deja que la magia te libere.”


About Natem !

Wilson Alcivar Chumap López, was born in Morona Santiago-Ecuador. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the Pumpuis Community (Gualaquiza) with his family, where he learned values and love for nature.

At the age of seven he began to acquire knowledge about the sacred medicine from his grandfather Victor Pedro Chumap Anchum better known as Chair (Bear in Shuar) to such an extent that after 8 years of ingesting it, he obtained his first vision, the moment that marked his life and gave origin to his Shuar name “Natem”.
At the age of 17, he dedicated himself fully to medicine, with discipline, responsibility, and humility, after undergoing strict and rigorous fasting and diets to become a great Uwishin (Yachak – Shaman).
At the age of 20, he continued to receive teachings from his father, Francisco Felipe Chumap Sunka, a great Uwishin and teacher at the Instituto Pedagogico Intercultural Bilingüe Shuar – Achuar (IPIBSHA). In this way, he began to carry out his first healing practices under his father’s guidance, healing babies, then children, then young people, and finally adults.
He obtained the approval to lead ceremonies in a free and independent way after completing 15 days in the jungle performing his last ritual called UNT NATEMAMU consolidating and reaffirming his strength and courage to perform the art of ancestral medicine in a professional way.
Natem has improved himself through the search for energetic knowledge with various masters to be what he is today, a great Uwishin (Yachak – Shaman) recognized in many parts of the world. He has been invited to lead ceremonies in Mexico and Panama and in turn, performs Ceremonies in various parts of Ecuador, giving healing therapies and treatment for various physical and spiritual illnesses. He is part of the Runa Yachay Intercultural Foundation (FIRY), being a founding member since 2008 and director from 2012 to 2019, and currently serves as the Deputy Director.

The Force and the Power of my spirit revolts and flows together with the mythical beings of the universe.”

La Fuerza y El poder de mi espíritu se subleva y fluye junto a los seres míticos del universo.”


About Oris Nicholson !

She is a practitioner of the mystical, spiritual and holistic consciousness of the Self for an integral development of life. Facilitator of therapies such as Reflexology, relaxing massages, and Homa Therapy (Agnihotra). Hiker in mountains and jungles where she mostly spends her free time enjoying nature as her favorite yoga practice.

It is the Ancient Science of Healing coming from the Vedas.  It is based on the practice of bio-energetic fires, tuned to the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. The bio-energetic equilibrium is called HEALTH. Homa Therapy is the Science of Bio-energy. Is not based on a belief system, the same as physics or mathematics.
It is the basic and most potent bio-energetic fire of Homa Therapy. Agnihotra performed in a copper pyramid, captures the revitalizing, regenerating, and subtle energies from the sun during sunrise and sunset. Agnihotra helps to establish a bio-energetic equilibrium in all of Nature: atmosphere, soil, water, plants, animals, and human beings.


Ceremony Details

During your stay, you will have the chance to live daily Homa Therapy and Agnihotra during Sunrise and Sunset with Oris, our holistic specialist.

(Group Activity)

Tobacco (Tsaank in Shuar), is one of the most important plants in the world of Shuar, is also known as Grandfather Tobacco, since he is always present in all ceremonies and is the Grandfather of all medicinal plants. It has multiple uses and benefits, among them is seeking purification, protection, and connection with the spirits of the plants and with the Great Spirit ̈Arutam ̈. This plant is used before ingesting the Sacred Medicine (Natem in Shuar), that way prepares our mind, our body, soul, and spirit to better assimilate medicine.

The use of prayed tobacco is not compared to the use of cigarettes in the world today, that is, in ceremonies or cures, lit tobacco is used to invoke strength and protection, to pray, to clarify the thoughts and the heart. It is also used to cleanse and transmit energy, the ̈Tsentsak ̈ to people who want to become Uwishin (Yachak – Shaman). In the smoke of Tobacco the petitions that are made with humility, faith, and love, are directed towards Arutam, the Great Spirit.
To use it, it is necessary to mix with water in a small container, from this preparation the juice is extracted, the same that can be ingested, as well as inhaled, in this way we purify our nasal passages to improve breathing, clearing our mind and granting us the clarity for the healing work. It should be taken into account that many times when drinking and inhaling tobacco produces purges and visions.


The Healing Baths are made with bitter herbs, in order to counteract, eliminate and free ourselves from negative energies, in that way we purify our aura, cut, drive away, and get rid of all those bad influences, giving us relief from our discomforts, peace, strength, security, and tranquility, since we free ourselves of all that negative charge that affects our being.
The Flowering Baths, on the other hand, are made with sweet herbs, these serve to harmonize our entire being, giving us a new air of internal joy, happiness, and love, strengthening our positive energy and thus consolidating our life on a path full of successes and triumphs.


The Sacred Medicine (Natem in Shuar), has been used since time immemorial by all the native peoples of the entire Amazon basin of Latin America. It is generally used in small ceremonies of a single night (Uchich Natemamu) and also in large or communal ceremonies of four consecutive nights (Unt Natemamu), under strict fasts; It is taken to purify oneself, to heal psychological, spiritual, and energetic diseases, it always takes the Uwishin to enter a trance, connect with the spirits, answer the patient’s concerns and mainly cure the ills or diseases that people suffer.
Medicine is purifying, because it cleanses and detoxifies the entire human body, this being a blood cleanser. Through its effects, it removes all physical numbness, thus hardening our bones, strengthening our body, and balancing our entire nervous system.
We also say that it is corrective because it helps people with smoking, drug, and alcohol problems; balances your energy, your thinking, your feelings, and emotions, thus leading you to a new awakening of consciousness. In other words, it helps us to recognize and reconfirm our identity as the being that we are, becoming a much more human and conscious being. It is also said that Sacred Medicine gives us a futuristic vision since they are revelations that bring them out from the depths of our being, being a reflection of ourselves what makes us see, feel and think. It shows and teaches us the whole; Past, present, and future, that is when the Power of the Sacred Medicine begins to act in us, giving us the strength and courage necessary to achieve all our noble ideals, dreams, and aspirations, coming to completion and reflect the visions obtained over time. Thus, it could be said that it gives us visions for the future, leading to a full life full of joy, whose visions are real and come to be fulfilled.

DIAGNOSIS IN CANDLES, EGGS, AND HABANOS – Day 3 (individual or couples session)

It is one of the many methods that exist to examine, diagnose and purify the patient, to get to the origin of the disease or problem, and in this way guide and solve the situation that the person lives or afflicts.

(individual or couples session)

It is one of the many ancient practices and techniques performed by the Uwishin, to heal the patient. The purification consists of puffs that are carried out with remedies made from herbs, essences, colognes and perfumes, puffs with cigars, and it is also usually passed with herbs and eggs to the person throughout the body as rubbing, and in the Healings in addition to purifying, a kind of psychological, energetic and spiritual operation is carried out with the hand or with the mouth, sucking on the affected parts or that suffer from the person, it would be said that it is a deeper process of witchcraft healing, diseases, etc.

(Group Activity)

The Purification bottles are preparation of aromatic and medicinal plants with essences, colognes, and perfumes in a glass bottle, which serves as a safe, for protection, purify and flourish according to the preparation that has been given.
Its use is to counteract negative energies, bad air, evil eye, fear, body pain, fever, etc. It is used as a lotion by applying on the affected part or mixing with perfumes or colognes for personal or daily use.

(Group Seminar)

Activity to interact among all those present about Ancestral and Traditional Medicine, Melodies with musical and ceremonial instruments, Medicine music, Interpretation of Uwishin (Íkaros) songs, share experiences, exchange knowledge and expertise, give suggestions and answer to concerns that those present have, I dialogue about the Worldview of the Peoples, in my case from the point of view of Medicine Ancestral Shuar.

This stay is designed as a HOLIDAY! So a minimum of responsibilities for a maximum of pleasure!

*Limited place with a personalized approach.

What is included & What is Not Included

Booking and Payment Conditions

Starting at $ 2,795 USD

Please note that we have deferred payment plans.

To book or contact us for more information, email us at: urracaprivateisland@gmail.com

Environmentally friendly – Sustainability

This is a retreat with a positive impact on our environmental footprint

Carbon compensation: The site was chosen for its excellent ecological reference. 100% of its energy is produced from solar panels, the water supply is recovered from the rain and the waste is composted.

Environmental protection: At Urraca Private Island the structures have been designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape while maximizing natural ventilation and constructed only with local wood. Great care has been taken to maintain the lush vegetation of the island. The red mangroves make this island a garden of underwater life and the owner protects them responsibly.

Local partners: The staff is made up of indigenous women and men from the local village. Seafood and seasonal fruits are purchased directly from Ngäbe fishermen and farmers. All new structures and improvements are carried out by village workers. They have created a variety of tours and activities that involve the locals significantly, by giving them not only economic autonomy but also an overview of the many benefits and opportunities that ecotourism can bring to the region and their community.

Recycling: Panamanian recycling programs are not advanced enough to support the use of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. To minimize waste and protect the environment, we ask our customers not to bring cane or plastic drinks.

Biodegradable products: To protect our reef and the wide variety of underwater life that surrounds us, we make our customers aware of bringing biodegradable care products in their luggage.

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