Art Venture Retreat

Drawing & Painting Travel Diary

October 1 to 8, 2022

Discover Panama through an artistic experience connecting you to the land and all its elements!

Join Charlem and our team at the heart of the magical and regenerative energy of Panama for an extraordinary retreat of creation, renewal, and adventure. You will experience a deep artistic connection with your soul and will be guided to open your heart in a quest for artistic vision and discoveries. We will draw on the natural connections, many adventures, and incredible moments together and live to the rhythm of the beautiful Islands and its Tropical Maritime Climate.

Your retreat includes 7 nights of accommodation in an Eco-Lodge style resort, on a unique and breathtaking private island in the region of Bocas del Toro along with a 5 day painting workshop. You will have the choice of a bungalow in double, triple, or quadruple occupancy.

Workshop October 2 to 7, 2022

Urraca Private Island is a beautifully preserved and very authentic island still in its purest state, far from mass tourism, near the very loving indigenous Ngäbe people. It offers a 360 degree view of the Caribbean Sea, plenty of wildlife to observe, shallow waters for snorkeling, and cooling off. This heavenly island will charm you with its beauty and zen. Located only one hour by plane from Panama City, this region is ideal for adventure seekers and/or those simply looking to recharge and relax within some of the beauties offered by our Mother Earth in Panama.

This experience will allow you to discover unexpected riches!!!

Trip details

Drawing & Painting Travel Diary

Art Venture

How does exploring beautiful paradise islands, accompanied by an exceptional guide sound? Charlem will guide you in your approach and provide technical aid, whatever your level. You will live a whole experience by discovering a multitude of mediums and artistic expressions.

Through the world of mixed media and the creation of a travel diary, you will be called upon to develop your visual identity. Designed to shape your artistic process, our retreat is specially set up to reach within your artistic and spiritual points of view.

Waking up to the colors of lush vegetation in a series of creative workshops will allow you to welcome this idyllic beauty. We will explore the spiritual dimension that inhabits these places through exercises that will initiate you to a new angle.

Capturing scenes of the seascape, skies that bring you back to the essentials and bite into the life of a generous flora where animals still have their place.

Between Van Gogh and Gauguin, you will experience an artistic approach dotted with wonder and discovery. You will fill your travel diary with unbelievable memories, imbued with true inspirations, and the taste of the sea.

Meeting the tropical Sun and all its light, meeting the sea of azure, and the oasis of purity will surely amaze all your senses. To experience this unique retreat, the painter Charlem will guide you.

In your spare time, you can continue to carry out your travel diary, soaking up the local culture, with exclusive excursions, or simply let yourself be lulled by the waves of the sea.

About Charlem !

Charlem was born in the Laurentians in Quebec and was greatly influenced at a very young age by his family of artists. Charlem produced one of the largest painting in the world on planetary biodiversity. He has hosted more than 80 arts and nature television shows across Canada and he is a trained adventure guide. Over the years, Charlem shared his passion with more than 17,000 people in various artistic projects such as workshops, murals, sculptures, conferences on the arts, urban art, and collective creations.

Charlem’s talent as a sculptor led him to work with metals, stone, wood and snow. He created works of art during the “Landart” in the several countries he traveled. All of his achievements and his travels have enabled him to fabricate and generate, wide collections that never cease to surprise. His dynamism and his great passion for the arts make him an energetic artist and enjoyable communicator.

His artistic approach

Very early, he discovered a great interest in painting, drawing, and public speaking. Self-taught creator, he avails himself with acrylic, oil, watercolor, aerosol, and several other mediums. Nature, energy, spirituality, dreams, mythology, and mysticism nourishes a constant inspiration for this prolific artist. Some of his qualities as a painter stand out for the strength of his colors, the depth of his subjects, and his ability to involve people in public creations. He regularly performs live at large events and never hesitates to share his passion.

Multidisciplinary artist

Charlem’s eyes are wide open on art in all its forms of expression. Sculptor-founder, TV host, writer, his mission is to create beauty through any form of creation for others to enjoy.

An exceptional painter

In addition to being an artist recognized for his talent and his commitment to the service of art, Charlem is distinguished by his ability to connect with people and capture the spirit of the moment. In all events he participates, he brings his artistic touch, his dynamism, his passion, and his contagious enthusiasm and quickly conquers the audience. For him, art and beauty must be accessible and above all at the availability of people.


“The world needs beauty and each of us carries an infinite amount of it. You just have to explore and express it.”


Details of the creation days

From 8 am we will start the morning with a healthy breakfast, including a presentation of the course and content of the day. A theoretical teaching period, demonstrations, and practical exercises will take place from 9 am to 11:30 am Lunch will be served around 11:30 am, and until 2:30 pm, you will have some free time to use for art, take a break or do the activity of your choice.

We will resume the workshops from 2:30 pm until 5 pm where you will be guided to create in your travel notebook. There will be another period of theoretical teaching, demonstrations, and practical exercises. You will then have the evening free, with the exception of the last closing evening.

This stay is designed as a HOLIDAY! So a minimum of responsibilities for a maximum of pleasure!

*The group is limited to 14 participants.

Workshops Details

Here are the details of the workshops that will be conducted during your Retreat Art Venture.

What is included & What is Not Included

To know the detailed list of essential items that you will need, here is


Booking and Payment Conditions

Starting at $ 1,995 USD

Please note that we have deferred payment plans.

To book or contact us for more information, email us at: you can also follow us on:

Environmentally friendly – Sustainability

This is a retreat with a positive impact on our environmental footprint

Carbon compensation: The site was chosen for its excellent ecological reference. 100% of its energy is produced from solar panels, the water supply is recovered from the rain and the waste is composted.

Environmental protection: At Urraca Private Island the structures have been designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape while maximizing natural ventilation and constructed only with local wood. Great care has been taken to maintain the lush vegetation of the island. The red mangroves make this island a garden of underwater life and the owner protects them responsibly.

Local partners: The staff is made up of indigenous women and men from the local village. Seafood and seasonal fruits are purchased directly from Ngäbe fishermen and farmers. All new structures and improvements are carried out by village workers. They have created a variety of tours and activities that involve the locals significantly, by giving them not only economic autonomy but also an overview of the many benefits and opportunities that ecotourism can bring to the region and their community.

Recycling: Panamanian recycling programs are not advanced enough to support the use of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. To minimize waste and protect the environment, we ask our customers not to bring cane or plastic drinks.

Biodegradable products: To protect our reef and the wide variety of underwater life that surrounds us, we make our customers aware of bringing biodegradable care products in their luggage.

Tours, Activities & More

We offer a variety of exclusive local and relaxing activities and we will be at your disposal to plan and organize them to make your stay unforgettable.

*Additional Fee

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