About the island

Urraca Private Island is privileged to be located in one of the most exclusive areas of Bocas del Toro…the purity of nature is at our doorstep. The island is protected by coral reef, and surrounded by turquoise, bio-luminescent ocean waters. The area is full of diverse marine life, marine vegetation, and offers breathtaking views of Cayo Zapatillas. The island has no actual land, meaning everything has been built overwater.

Francine, the French Canadian owner, built Urraca Private Island with a love for nature. She wishes to share her passion for the environment and the monkeys with those who come visit the island. She also wishes to give back to the land, and the native Ngobe by providing jobs for them and letting them be a part of her dream.  Her dream is to live a simple life with nothing other than her beloved monkeys, a plate of fresh lobster and a cold glass of rum.

Welcome to this amazing experience!

Eco-tourism 2.0

Visit Urraca Private Island and encounter a new definition of Eco-tourism:

Solar panels provide us with all the energy we need, which is an added benefit for the environment and the ecosystem. Electrical equipment should be used sparingly and charged only during the day.

Water comes from a rain water collection system, which means our resources are limited and should be used in moderation. We will provide you with safe, drinkable, filtered water throughout your visit.

What to expect

This mangrove island paradise will welcome you with an authentic Bocas del Toro experience, which includes countless possibilities for you to enjoy. Not only will you have the opportunity to share your visit with other guests, but also 13 monkeys who live here on this paradise island. Quiso, the kinkajou, also comes out at night to visit.

Set out at sea, there are only wooden paths connecting our 6 overwater bungalows and common areas; all surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful red mangrove trees. Guests are able to swim and snorkel in all areas around the island. Snorkeling gear is provided for you at no extra cost. There are also kayaks and traditional “cayucos” available for use, so that you can paddle around the island, explore the nearby mangrove islands, encounter marine animals (many corals, eagle rays or even dolphins if you’re lucky), and experience how the locals get around on a daily basis. At night you can observe bio-luminescent water all around the island, which is a unique and magical experience.

You will have access to multiple areas

From the dining room and your back patio, you will be surrounded by crystal clear waters. All areas around the island are safe to swim and you are able to see many different types of fish, coral and sea stars while swimming, snorkelling, and/or kayaking.

There are multiple lounging areas to relax and sunbathe, including 2 separate decks over water. There is also a common area located above our main dining bungalow where you’ll be able to lay down and enjoy a nice breeze in one of our four hammocks, with great views of other islands nearby. We also have a volleyball net available for use, located on our natural pool area (the ocean). In the afternoon we usually get currents of warm water, so if you decide to jump in the water, it will feel like you’re swimming in a climatized pool.

We are here to make sure your stay is as relaxing as possible and will do anything we can to meet your expectations. Tours are available and can be arranged on your visit here if you would like to explore other areas around Bocas del Toro.